Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogger Virgin

This is my first try at blogging so here it goes. My mom (Patti) has been telling me to do it so I thought today would be a good day to start, especially since Kody is sleeping. I thought for my first blog I would introduce my family. Most of you who will be reading my blog already know my family, but for those of you I have not talked to for a while here it is. Kelcey is my husband of 5 years and my college sweetheart. We met at SUU and became fast friends. We dated for about a year and a half and got married on Jan. 2, 2003. He is the head baseball coach at Brighton Highschool. He teaches PE and Health, and enjoys his job, but of course the pay could be better. This summer was the first summer he got to spend enjoying himself. He was able to golf and most importantly help me with our new arrival Kody. He was able to umpire for extra money and it was awesome to have him at my bec and call. Tanner is my first born son, born 9 months after we were married. Yes he was a honeymoon baby and a wake-up call for me. He is turning 5 in September, and is my big helper. He loves baseball and golf, just like Daddy, and has become a whiz at the Wii. He is extremely smart and very inquisitive. Keira is 2 and very spunky and stubborn. She is such a joy and has a very infectious laugh. She loves to swing and is definitely a Daddy's Girl. She is very into princesses, singing, and dressing up. On occasion she'll even put on a performance for me and end it with a superb "TA DAH!" Kody is our newest edition at 8 weeks. As tough as adding a third has become, he is the child every mom dreams about. He only cries when he's hungry, and loves to snuggle. He loves his brother and sister and shows it with a huge grin. We are so glad he is here safe and sound, and can't wait to see his personality come shining through. Also a side note, he is blue eyed and fair skinned. I actually got a child that has taken on some of my characteristics. Sorry about the fair skin Kody. And then there is me Lyenna (Lena) for those who can't pronounce the real spelling. I am turning 26 next week. Time has flown by. I am a mom for my profession, and believe me it deserves a round of applause. It is the toughest job I've ever had, but also the most rewarding (at times, once you get past all the tantrums, crying, and lack of sleep). The best part is I get front row seats to all the action. I just recently finished my Associates Degree! It felt awesome to have it completed. I plan on going back to school in a few years to get my Bachelors in Exercise Science. Lately I have become an exercise and nutrition fanatic. I have found my passion and am running with it (no pun intended). I love the way it makes me feel, and it brings back a little of my highschool sports days. So there you have it. My family, my first blog, and my life in a nutshell. I hope I made you proud Mom. Honestly though, this is actually fun like you said it would be.