Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I really want to get better at this blogging thing, but honestly, it feels impossible. Can someone tell me when the insanity of motherhood slows down? Three kids still feels very new, okay so it is new since Kody is only 3 months old (almost), but seriously I am going crazy trying to figure everything out. Just when I thought I was finding a rythymn, someone (Keira) has to go and get sick. She decided it would be a great idea to drink bath water out of one of her squirt toys, only to find that it's incased in mold. I know ewwwwe right? Anyway I've been meaning to throw them out, but of course it's landed on the bottom of my to do list, which means it never gets done. So that evening she gets a fever so of course the doctor is in order. Let me tell you lugging three children to the doctor is no picnic. She has Strep throat at least it's treatable. Ah yes, then we come to the next day Tanner suddenly has a fever and yes he gets strep throat too, as if I wasn't lacking sleep already. No worries though the doctor (who is wonderful) told me at Keira's appointment that if anyone gets a fever, call the office and he'll call the medication into the pharmacy. He has 5 children so he understands. Thank heavens I don't think I could take another doctor's visit. So again does the insanity of motherhood ever slow down? It all sounds so comical when I put it in writing, but in the moment I swear I'm gonna lose it. Oh and as a side note the gross bath toys have moved to the top of my list and are gone. Why can't I listen the first time when I have the impression? Oh well, live and learn right?