Thursday, July 9, 2009

Walking and Thinking

So it's summer and I have become a little more lazy than usual. My desire to exercise is on simmer, and the way I've been eating is not up to par. What is the deal?! I am still exercising at least 4 days a week, but I WAS doing 6. I think I'm getting bored. 

Yesterday, I decided to throw in something different than my usual routine. I went for a run. It was beautiful outside, and the perfect temperature. It felt great for about 10 minutes and then my blasted knees started to hurt again...GRRRRR! I hate that my body feels awesome when I run, but my knees start to object. So unfortunately I had to walk the rest of the way. I've never had knee issues before so it really stinks! But as I was walking I had time to think without interruption! This is something I need to make a habit of doing, oh and getting a bike is on my wish list now:) 

I was thinking about what I have accomplished thus far in my life, and also what I want to accomplish in the future. I can quite honestly say that the things I said I would be doing 10 years from now about 10 years ago, have happened, minus the bachelor degree, and the bustling career:). This makes me very optimistic for the future.  I do, however, have an Associates degree, and I am a full time Mother, so I figure that's halfway there, right? Because we all know mothering is bustling. I may not get paid for it, but I work my A%# off doing it! 

I know I do a lot of "venting" about being a mother, but I LOVE IT! I am the boss, which is really the only way for me. I don't like being bossed, so so far motherhood is the perfect career. I have some pretty irritating employees, but I continue to give them a description of their jobs and they do it with constant bickering, but the point is they DO IT! It's not all bad, though. They do some really great work, and they are the reason this company flourishes, so I don't mind giving credit where credit is due. They sometimes loathe their employer, but I know they appreciate boundries, otherwise they would have quit already. My Co-President is perfect. He keeps things in balance so when I lose my head, he always has a back-up. And I lose my head A LOT so we make a great team. Our company is growing so we plan on adding another employee sometime in the near future.  We are still accepting applications, which is my favorite part, so there's no hurry at this point. I am getting tired of the constant training, though. They keep me up half the night with all their "questions." I sometimes wish they would be a little more self-reliant, but as a good employer I see to all their needs, no matter what they are. I know when the training is finished they will become amazing CEO's. That is the whole reason why I started this company at such a young age. I planned on early retirement.

Yes I am happy. And I am still exercising , so I shouldn't be so concerned. I just desire a little change up now and again. And I think walking and thinking early in the morning is a good combination. I think I'll make it a habit, until I get my bike:) Then I'll ride and think, which sounds wonderful. 

I've also been dabbling with the idea of writing a book. I really enjoy writing, always have. It's a hobby I've let slide, but now I want to get back to it, and see what my imagination can come up with. Just that very idea is thrilling and exciting. We shall see. Until next time...


  1. i would totally read your book, lyenna:) and i also have blasted knee issues, and biking does strengthen all the muscles surrounding the ol knee, so it helps and it is enjoyable. i agree about the goals too, i also have the associate degree and the bustiling part. hehehe! i'd love to get together sometime

  2. Sweet, a book? Me too! I have had that dream since High School. Creativity seems to run in the fam....but don't beat yourself up about exercising, you look AMAZING...just keep doing what makes you happy and feel good and don't beat on yourself anymore! love ya!

  3. It's always good to shake things up. That's what I need. It's hard to exercise when I'm doing the same boring thing every time.
    I for one am happy to hear you've cut back on your exercising. You might not agree with me but it could help with the job applicant process. ;)

  4. I love riding my bike. You will love it too. But beware, riding and thinking off into oblivion can have some bad results... ie, riding somewhere you had no intentions of riding to (takes a lot longer to fix than if you did this walking or in the car), and falling because you didn't see something small on the sidewalk, like a stick or a can.
    What will your book be about? I think you've mentioned this dream before. We all seem to have it too.
    I have started 4 books.
    One about a crazy guy running a nut house. One about a dude who has figured out forever and does what he wants. One about a guy who escaped hell. One about a girl who goes nuts-o because she gets crapped on they way I used to get crapped on as a kid.
    I haven't finished a single one. Why? because I keep rewriting before I finish and because I stop to do some other project and never pick it up again.
    Granite peaks has some great adult classes by Heather Horrocks. Take one up when you finish your first or second draft of the completed book. She will tell you how and who to submit your work to. I got a lot of great information from her. I got it too soon though because I haven't finished anything. Oh well. :)

  5. Aaahh Lyen, Love your blog!! Its fun to hear what all my kids have to say. I love your company and all you employee's!! I wonder about your knee, you should check it out. Love ya

  6. So I'm TOTALLY with you on the simmer phase for summer - exercising less and eating more - bored with P90X - weird!

    And with the getting a bike thing - I borrowed a neighbor's the other day so I could join my family for a bike ride and it was GREAT!!! So now I think I need one too.

    And I would totally read your book. I love your analogy of your career. Love it.

    We should hang out - I miss you!

  7. You are so real! That's what draws people to you. Never change! Just keep doing what you're doing and be an amazing CEO of Kemp International. The dividends are priceless!!

  8. They say if you finish the first five chapters of a book then you are 90% more likely to finish the rest.

    ...and if you ever get a bike try the down hill mountain ride...I have never had more fun with anything that doesn't include a ball... (I will rent a bike and we can do it together next time were up there in the summer)

    Have fun....enjoy your application process (it’s the best part)....and I think you deserve an Honorary Bachelors of Home Economics.