Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good News!

So now it's time to let the cat out of the bag. I am PREGNANT!!! I am 12 weeks as of this Saturday, which makes my due date October 2, 2010. I know many of you probably suspected, but now you have confirmation. I have been exhausted, but I'm happy to report that I have kept up my exercise routine. It is a little less intense, and usually is always followed up with a nap mid afternoon, but at least I can check it off my list. My diet however, is STILL a complete disaster. NOTHING sounds good, well actually that's not entirely true. Junk sounds And because I'm pregnant I feel entitled. Which is ridiculous because I always feel sick after. As for preparing meals, since it's baseball season, I'm tired, and Kelcey doesn't get home til late, I never feel like preparing ANYTHING. The kids have had ramen noodles, hot dogs, canned chicken noodle soup, bean burritos, frozen pizza:( I'm sad to say for the last 12 weeks their diets have been awful. I have eaten cold cereal, an apple and cottage cheese, bean burritos, pasta, etc. Basically anything that can be prepared quickly and with very little fuss. The worst part is I won't eat what I've been feeding the kids, but it's okay for them to eat it?!  It has not been pretty. This is so not like me. 

I know I'm pregnant and all that, but I feel like I'm in someone else's body. I start burning after one rep of whatever. I can barely do half the push-ups I was doing before, and my endurance is pathetic. It is very frustrating! That's pregnancy for ya I guess.

I am very excited about it though. And so are the kids. I'm a little freaked out on where to put 4 children, but I've got 9 months to stew about. Life is good, and it will only get better. I just gotta get through this first trimester...


  1. Congrats! I bet it is so tough. I am nervous about eating healthy while pregnant. I totally didn't before so we'll see how I am the next time. Please post about your work outs and pregnancy and all of that. I am way interested! Again congrats to all of you!

  2. I'm so excited for you! And scared for you...I'm terrified to have THREE, so FOUR sounds impossible! You'll do great! As for the China Study, I know I'm crazy...but you really should read the book. It's another one of those things that I feel super passionate about at the moment, and it's frustrating to feel like everyone needs to jump on board right now! Ha ha! I think that for me, as long as meat/milk/eggs/etc are at least just a small percentage of our diet, then we're doing okay. Joe's not quite on the same page as me, and I'm okay with him eating what he wants, but if he wants dinner, it'll have to be what I make. As for the milk, I'm actually just switching to rice milk. I like the taste, and my kids don't seem to notice. Joe loves his milk, though, so he probably won't give it up.

    Anyway--I'm excited for you that you're nearing the end of the crappy first trimester! Life gets SO MUCH BETTER when you're not so exhausted!

    We should have another girl's night out sometime...

    Love ya!

  3. congrats! i am so happy for you! let me know if you need anything. i wanna come play, and bring you something tasty and healthly. let me know when a good time of day is to drop in on you:) so exciting!!!

  4. We are excited too! I am excited that my baby Zierse will have a cousin close in age! Good luck, hope you get your energy back soon.

  5. Congrats you guys! It looks like we'll be having our little babies around the same time! I'm very excited for ya!

  6. Congrats, Lyenna! So exciting! Looks like we're due about the same time :)