Saturday, March 24, 2012

Coming through to the other side. I never see it til I finally step through.

One of the biggest influences in my life is Chalene Johnson. I guess I just see myself in her, or something about her makes me want to be better than I am. Whatever it is, there are a lot of things that I've learned lately that I'd like to share.
  1. Be who YOU are!- I've never thought of myself as someone trying to be someone else, but this took on a new meaning for me. I went through this period of Woe-is-Me, and I'm not saying it won't happen again, but recently I've changed my tune. I realized that the only way I can truly be happy is by just being myself. I say silly things, I get too excited, I dream of things that are bigger than me, but that I have a FULL intention of achieving, I am ambitious, goal driven, competitive, and kind of a motor mouth, BUT I don't want to change any that! When I talk to people I genuinely want to get to know them. I love to have fun, and sure, I have a gazillion weaknesses, but those are my quirks, and for today I embrace them. I admire LOTS of people, but I don't want to BE them, I want to LEARN from them. So I am truly happy to be myself, because I don't know how to be anyone else.
  2. YOU only live once!- Life is so FUN!!! Even when it totally stinks...although I HATE when it stinks, but when that part ends I've come out the other side feeling like a different, better person. Dance because you feel like it, laugh because it feels good, play because it's fun, be in the moment because that's where JOY, PEACE, and CONTENTMENT reside. Don't wait for tomorrow, do it NOW and be proud of it!
  3. HAVE a diet, but don't BE ON a diet!- I have thrown away ALL my fitness magazines. I don't want to be, or look like anyone else. My stretch marks are my trophy, my fitness is my peace. I do what I love to do! I play sports, right now it's soccer, and volleyball, I run around with my kids, I teach Turbo Kick, I workout at home with bands, weights, or my own body weight, I clean the house, I go for walks, I chase Teagen up an down the stairs, etc. I am ACTIVE because I WANT to be, not because someone told me I should. I drink Shakeology because it tastes good, it's soooooo Good for me, and I don't have to think about it. I have a treat EVERY NIGHT be it ice cream, a doughnut, buttered popcorn, or a handful of chocolate. I LOVE those things and I WILL have them. I stopped counting, analyzing, configuring, and obsessing about what I eat. I eat healthy 80% of the time, but the other 20% I eat whatever I want. Food is pleasure, and fun, and delicious, and I refuse to live in a bubble of such and such calories. I am OVER IT! And it has paid off. I feel HAPPY, SATISFIED, and my ENERGY is through the roof! I appreciate food for what it does for me. Right now it allows me to FLY and I love this feeling of clarity....
  4. Find YOUR spirit!- This could mean a lot of things, but for me it is my relationship with God, whom I lovingly refer to as Heavenly Father. I've begun to be more obedient to His teachings. I've taken things for granted and it left me weak. As I've followed His commandments I have felt His hand in my life, in ALL things. I have been lead, course corrected, chastised, and completely loved. I open my scriptures now because I don't want to miss a thing. I want to understand the mysteries of God! I want to be like Him. I want more compassion, love, sincerity, and charity. If I do not read His words, or learn His ways I can NEVER achieve greatness. It is impossible to do it on my own. I may be a child of God, but I am no where near His perfection. I can only strive for it, and I can only get closer by learning and understanding Him. I have felt Him walk beside me, hold my hand, embrace me, and love me because He knows me. He has brought people into my life that have blessed my life. They have rekindled my belief in things that seem impossible. They have pushed me when I need pushing, and stood beside me when I felt like not moving. How grateful I am for His influence!
  5. Write!- This one comes from experience, not necessarily from Chalene. The written word has power. It puts things in perspective for me. It allows me to go back and reflect. Writing frees my mind calming my fast and furious thoughts just like physical exercise. It is one of my outlets, and I love doing it.
 I feel content today, and I am so grateful for it! It seems like a rare thing sometimes. To be great we must look to those who are great! Do the exact opposite of what  98% of the world does. Be interested in other people, smile more, have a conversation where you just listen, slow down. I have a whole list of new things to learn and practice, but practice is where new habits are formed. Thanks for reading, and allowing me to share a little bit of myself.

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